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We remove moisture from buildings

Thanks to our commitment and expertise we fulfil even the most complicated and demanding undertakings. We focus on innovative and effective technologies which are safe for the environment for removing moisture from buildings. We are not interested in solutions which only mask the problem or only remove it temporarily. The quality of our work is our best recommendation.

Trust the professionals

As a team of professionals we have been operating in the field of building works for years in areas such as complex renovations and modernisation of buildings. Fighting against the effects of dampness with existing methods did not meet our expectations, hence why we became interested in Nano-Technology OXYDTRON MINERAL CEMENT TECHNOLOGY

Implementing new projects, we paid particular attention to the problem of dampness in buildings which resulted in, inter alia, renovations which were cumbersome to carry out and regenerations of old concrete or brick structures. We became interested in Nano-Technology OXYDTRON MINERAL CEMENT TECHNOLOGY as well as new inorganic building materials which eliminate the problem of dampness in the whole cross-section of a wall whilst also being safe for the environment.

The works we were carrying out confirmed that Nano-Technology meets both our and our investors’ expectations. This transformed our core business profile and focused on removing corrosion and preventing the destruction of building works in the presence of moisture.

Dampness is enemy number one of any building as in a short period of time it can weaken the construction and destroy the walls, floors and ceilings.

In the field of design and implementation of anti-moisture protection and renovation works, we fill the gap between one-person businesses and large, bureaucratic enterprises.

We are here for you

We carry out works for:

  1. companies, enterprises, institutions,
  2. private investors as well as those spending public funds within the meaning of the regulations on public funding,
  3. government offices and self-governing organisations.

We cooperate with:

  1. construction companies for specialised work (including hydrotechnical and plumbing facilities),
  2. conservators of monuments, architecture and construction firms.


Pinneberger Weg 22-24 20257 Hamburg

telefon: 040 - 41 330 650

e-mail: info@klamann-bautrocknung.de

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